School Camp

We have designed a School Camp Program that will help tutor kids during the COVID pandemic while most educational schools are closed and doing distant learning. Our fantastic team with strong education backgrounds will not only provide a safe place for child care, but also give wonderful attention and support to the kids while they navigate their education remotely.  Along with our upgraded internet connections, we have adapted the model of state school guidelines and will provide a 10 to 1 ratio of instruction in order to support the kids in small group cohorts.  Along with all study time we will also have some other TLK activities, games, social connection, training, and fun!

Hours of School Camp will be 9am to 1:30pm, with early drop off available starting at 8:30am for working families.  We will continue to provide snacks, however, campers should bring their own lunches.  We will need all School Campers to be picked up by 1:30pm so we can do some thorough cleaning prior to the Afterschool Program start (*If also participating in Afterschool Programing the kids can stay).

We will also be dividing up the groups of kids according to grade levels and school locations to help them stay with their peer groups throughout the camp time.  We know the distance learning was a struggle last spring, especially for all the working families, however please don’t stress about it as we are here to provide a helping hand!