School Release Days


There are a number of days throughout the year that local schools have off for various Federal Holidays and school functions. We understand that it is hard for most parents to take additional time off work with today’s hectic schedules and pressures. So, the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights has decided to take on these days with a mission! These full school release days will be open to the general public as well as our current students, and will be filled with a TON of great programming and activities. Each full release day will have a different theme and activity, however, we will always include some incredibly fun martial art training at the dojang.

Kids School Release Days

Highlights & Details:

  • Release day programming runs from 9am – 5pm (drop off available at 8:30am late pickup available until 6pm).  Each day is unique so stay tuned to the specific details of each day.

  • For the general public, those kids not already a part of the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights After School program or our regular martial art classes you also get to participate in the all programming and martial art training offered! So, don’t worry if you have never trained before, as everyone is welcome and get a taste of what all the excitement is about! The training on these days will be a seminar type style instead of the daily routine and be packed with a bunch of fun.

  • We follow the Minneapolis Public Schools Calendar as to when Release Days are offered. However, just check below for the latest updates to specific days and events.

  • Lunch & Snacks ARE provided

  • Supplies & Crafts ARE provided
  • Bring Your Uniform & Belt if already a martial art student (we will have some to lend out for public people without, or you are welcome to purchase your own for $40)
  • Sign up now by bringing in your registration form or email us to get on the participation list!
  • Fees are:
    Active Dojang Students = $55 per day
    Other Friends, Family, Public = $65 per day (No martial art experience necessary!)
    *Sibling Discounts are 20% off total for 2 kids, 30% off total for 3 or more kids


Fall Release Days for 2016

MEA DAY CAMPS!  October 19th to 21st

October 19th – Hat Day / Teamwork Workshop

Will be our hat day! Usually at Hwa Rang Do we ask the kids to take their hats off while in the Dojang but not for this release day!  The main focus for this day will be a Teamwork Workshop; the students will being participating in conversations and fun activities based on teamwork and how to be a positive member of a team.

The general theme of Day 1 training will be to introduce or re-introduce the concept of body movement in non-conventional formats i.e. how to move while on our back or sides. This training will center on technical movement drills as well as more explosive power building exercises. Next, a review or introduction to the basic grappling positions as well the position drill. I will also endeavor to encapsulate a takedown that leads seamlessly into each position as well as a reversal/escape from each position. Each session will finish off with drilled grappling and free grappling.

October 20th – Hobby Day/ Drama DayKick-Natalie-crop

Will be Hobby Day!  On this day we invite all of the kids to bring in their interests and hobbies to share and work on!  As long as the hobby is meant for indoors it is welcomed!  This day will also be focused on dramatic play and theater arts activities.  We want to give our students the chance to experience acting and improv with a mix of fun games and activities like the discovery of Fire.

This day will start off with the same movement drills as day one to help ensure their retention and refinement. The concept of safe falling will be introduced and worked upon. We will review the positions again but this time with more emphasis on drilling and skill acquisition. Next, the concept of push and pull and how it relates to grappling. With a few basic drills to illustrate its action. Takedown drilling, once the basics of the takedown are understood we will use repetition to make it as automatic as possible in our short time.

October 21st – Movie Day/ Game show Mania

This day will be focused on fun activities based on game shows and we will also coast into the weekend with a movie!  The kids will be playing multiple games such as “American Ninja Warrior” and Call my Bluff.

The final day will focus on flowing and relaxing while matching. Using the concept of push and pull from the previous day we will learn how to avoid “struggle” in our grappling but rather use the energy of our opponent to move ourselves into a more advantageous position. A variety of live drills and free grappling will finish off the day’s activities.

November 3rd & 4th Day Camps

November 3rd – Food Frenzy/ Leadership workshop

For the 2nd set of release days this fall the focus will be on Food, Fun lifetime activities, and Leadership.  This day the students will be doing a Leadership workshop; we will be introducing discussions and games that will focus on traits and strengths of different types of leaders!   The students will also get the chance to learn about, discuss, and prepare healthy snacks.  And for dessert we are going to teach the kids how to make homemade ice cream!

November 4th – Food Frenzy/ Fun Fitness/ Bowling

This day we will be going on a bowling field trip! We will also be discussing the importance of activities that people of all ages can participate in.   For the Fun fitness activity we are going to have a guest yoga instructor come in and teach a class.

Training Topics for November 3rd– 4th: For these release days we will be focusing on precision kicking and striking. Starting with basic body positioning, chambering and targeting all the way up to angles, faking and combinations. The goal of this camp is to develop freedom of movement in our limbs and reactions through a variety of drills, games and flexibility exercises we will strive to put our tools under our command. Existing students who have sparring armor are advised to bring it with, as it will be needed for drilling and matching. For those who do not yet have it or are new to our school loner sets will be provided.


Spring Release Days during 2016
Details and Themes coming soon!



No Days offered on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, or Winter Vacation Break

Bring Registration Form to the dojang,
For questions speak with our staff or call (612) 824-KICK (5425)