Thank you very much for considering our program. We are well aware that they are many alternatives to after school care, release days, and summer camps for kids these days. However, we truly feel that the vision and offerings of our program are one of a kind!

Our staff is extremely dedicated and committed to seeing children grow to find real strength and confidence in themselves. The activities and experiences they have are always organized to challenge and inspire them to find out what their true potential holds, and through our proven methods the leaders inside are awakened.

To find out more about our programs, the best way to move forward is to come to our school for a tour. At that time we can show you our wonderful facility, discuss your specific goals and reasons for participating, and go through the details of the program, training, and our competitive tuition options. After your tour, we are confident that you will resonate with our vision and we can work on building a positive relationship moving forward for you and your child.

Just shoot us an email to schedule a tour, and we can go from there!

If you are all ready to sign-up, our registration process takes place at www.hwarangdo.org and you will need to setup your household prior to registering for our events or sessions.

FOR ALL RETURNING FAMILIES, simply log in to WWW.HWARANGDO.ORG and go to the UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE to sign-up for the session.

FOR NEW FAMILIES ONLY, you must register your self and household to our online system:
STEP #1 =

Create a site user account for yourself as the primary user of the website. This should be YOUR name and info, NOT your children (for parents).  Please visit this page:  https://hwarangdo.org/node/7868
Once you submit the form you will receive an email to verify and activate your account for security purposes.  Please click the activation link in the email you receive.  Additionally, since this will be an auto message you may need to check your spam folder if you don’t see in your inbox.  Feel free to also add  “ admin@hwarangdo.org “ to your safe sender list so that you receive all site notifications.

Once you have a verified website account, it is very important that you finish your site registration by completing some additional steps.   We appreciate your patience in getting all of your contact information into the system, but we need to have specific information about the kids so we can better serve them, and also need emergency contacts too.  This is a one time process, and once completed you will be able to register to all of our events and future training options, and you will be able to manage your entire family in one place!

STEP #2 =
Note: you must complete STEP #1 above and be a logged in user to proceed to these steps!

—PARENTS WITH CHILDREN should use this form as it will update your information and also create a “Household” to connect the other members of your family to = https://hwarangdo.org/content/user-new-parent

STEP #3 =
ADDING CHILDREN to your household
Please add the children to your household by using this next additional form.  You will have to complete the form for EACH child in your family that you wish to register to our school as they will each have separate student profiles = https://hwarangdo.org/content/user-new-child-student


UPDATING CONTACT INFO = If you move, change email addresses or phone #s you can always update your information on this page at anytime = https://hwarangdo.org/content/manage-my-contact-information

Once you get through the process of creating the website account and then updating all relevant contact information, using this site will be pretty easy for registering for any future events, camps, classes, programs, memberships, etc.  On various registration pages of the site you will find a “CONTACT SELECTION” field to choose which person in your household you wish to register for the various events, but those choices are ONLY available once you go through steps above.  If you need to add additional children in the future please just revisit the above links or go to the “Manage My Info” Page.

If you need to update your website information such as username, password, timezone, profile image, please go to this page and then click the EDIT tab = https://hwarangdo.org/user

Lastly, once you are logged in to www.hwarangdo.org you can register for the events at our school, simply go to this UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE and click what which session you wish to sign-up for!

Once again, welcome to the Hwa Rang Do community and we wish you the best in your journey!