About Our School

Our facility is one of the premier martial art centers in not only the Twin Cities, but Midwest region. In the 20 years since we opened our doors, we have brought a positive training environment to our local community. We have expanded multiple times over the past 2 decades and along with training areas have an incredible game room to support the afterschool and camp programs.

Our class schedule is also pretty amazing in that we offer complete martial art training for ALL ages covering ALL possible martial art topics from; self-defense, kick/punching, grappling, acrobatics, weaponry, meditation, yoga, Asian healing, along with total fitness & agility training.

We are also just one block south of the Minnehaha Creek so we can enjoy the nice benefit of being close to nature and in a wonderful neighborhood. There is always a lot happening and our school works hard to connect to its members, families, and the community around us.

Afters School Program for Kids