School Release Days

There are a number of days throughout the year that local schools have off for various Federal Holidays and school functions. We understand that it is hard for most parents to take additional time off work with today’s hectic schedules and pressures. So, the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights has decided to take on these days with a mission! These full school release days will be open to the general public as well as our current students, and will be filled with a TON of great programming and activities. Each full release day will have a different theme and activity, however, we will always include some incredibly fun martial art training at the dojang.

Kids School Release Days

Highlights & Details:

  • Release day programming runs from 9am – 5pm (drop off available at 8:30am late pickup available until 5:30pm).¬† Each day is unique so stay tuned to the specific details of each day.

  • For the general public, those kids not already a part of the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights After School program or our regular martial art classes you also get to participate in the all programming and martial art training offered! So, don’t worry if you have never trained before, as everyone is welcome and get a taste of what all the excitement is about! The training on these days will be a seminar type style instead of the daily routine and be packed with a bunch of fun.

  • We follow the Minneapolis Public Schools Calendar as to when Release Days are offered. However, just check below for the latest updates to specific days and events.

  • Snacks ARE provided

  • Lunches are NOT provided – PLEASE PACK A LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD

  • Supplies & Crafts ARE provided

  • Bring Your Uniform & Belt if already a martial art student (we will have some to lend out for public people without, or you are welcome to purchase your own for $45)

  • Fees are:
    Active Dojang Students = $85 per day
    Other Friends, Family, Public = $95 per day
    (No martial art experience necessary!)
    *Sibling Discounts are 10% off total

NO Days offered on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, or Winter Vacation Break

For questions speak with our staff, Email, or call (612) 824-KICK (5425)