Daily Expectations

A lot of things happen in our program, and we are constantly working to ensure that the kids get a lot out of their experience and time with us. While the children have a number of structured and productive activities, they also will get some important play and fun time too.

  • Children should come expecting to learn, be challenged, and have fun. Each day will consist of a well balanced nutritious snack, homework help and tutoring, Hwa Rang Do training, as well as leadership training, service learning projects, arts & humanities, and science & technology activities all with an emphasis on virtues and character building.
  • Hwa Rang Do martial art training is an essential component to the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights Afterschool Program. The training is comprehensive and complete in nature. While some other afterschool programs do some karate on the side just to have some fun, our school is a proven leader in terms of growing students from the very beginner to the highly advanced level within the martial arts, while studying all possible topics and skills. TLK students will start at white belt and continue to progress through our full belt system just as any one else would at our martial art school (if current students in regular program, they would continue at their current belt rank during afterschool time). There are so many benefits gained through this training and we have seen it countless times in the many years children have trained to their Black Belt Ranks and continued on.
  • There is some equipment and uniforms that the children will need, however, for the TLK members they will have their own locker room area to store things and our staff will wash and help take care of items as needed so children and families don’t need to worry about transporting equipment back and forth between home, school, and the dojang.
  • All supplies for crafts, stations, art, and other activities will be provided so the children and families don’t need to worry about bringing additional materials each day – you will just bring home some wonderful creations!
  • For Full Release Days and for various Field Trips, information and release forms will be emailed to families well in advance of the events so you can plan your attendance for all of the cool happenings. Full details will be provided to parents so you will clearly know what’s happening throughout the duration of the outings.

Afterschool Martial Art Program