Historical Significance

The martial art of Hwa Rang Do is a 1600 year old tradition with a direct lineage dating back to the ancient Hwarang warriors of Korea. This group of warriors studied all aspects of the martial arts to become one of the fiercest fighting groups in all of history. However, their real strength came from the fact that they were first and foremost a youth core for the nobles of the country, and the members were extensively trained in all subjects in the study of life; science, mathematics, philosophy, art, poetry, music, alongside comprehensive combative and healing skills.

From early childhood, this intensive level of education, enriched by deep humanitarian studies, plus strong physical training, developed a class of enlightened individuals that led their country to greater prosperity and was clearly one of the major factors in the Korean peninsula being unified for the first time.

The literal translation of Hwa Rang is “Flower Man,” however, as this word is translated into proper context, the term “Flowering Knights” emerges for the best English equivalent. This vision of a Flowering Knight is what all practitioners of the Hwa Rang Do (Way of the Flowering Knights) martial art strive toward. Even in today’s world, the nobility of this vision gives one strength and balanced perspectives that help shape personal success and create positive impacts in the world around us.

Ancient Hwarang Martial Artists

While the nature of the world’s battlefields have changed somewhat in modern times, and the majority of people no longer have to fight in combat to defend oneself on a daily basis, there is clearly a need for more educated members of society to step-up and participate in the circle of leadership of our society to provide wise and compassionate stewardship of our country and our world.

However, with so many pressures and distractions abound, many people forgo the efforts and hard work necessary to make the world better, let alone themselves better. Settling for less is very commonplace today, yet the fire of peace, freedom, and happiness burns bright, and is just waiting for someone to have enough strength to pick up the torch. So, we feel that action must be taken to give the tools of strength and confidence to our students so that the next generation is empowered and will have the capacity to lead and make a positive difference in themselves and the world around them.

The kind of proven training and mentorship for youth that the Hwa Rang Do tradition offers is unparalleled, and the TLK Afterschool & Summer Camp Program is geared to not only contain this, but in addition emulate the kinds of training that our ancient Hwarang ancestors received in the total study of leadership, virtues, arts & humanities, science & technology, and service.

From the martial arts to these other areas of study, our Hwa Rang Do model is as complete as possible. We are committed to doing our best to help children grow and blossom into their full potential as they live out their lives, find real strength and confidence, and in turn make a positive difference in the world around them.

Leaders are not born, they are made.