Program Goals

The overall goals of our program are many, and to highlight just a few, we strive to:

  • Children Martial Art Afterschool ProgramCreate a safe environment of learning that is focused on developing self-confidence and self-discipline through daily training that promotes the values of integrity, honesty, loyalty, courtesy, trust, character, and courage.

  • Provide opportunities that will become experiences of growth and reflection for the children that leave long lasting positive impressions.

  • Assist children with relationship building skills; learning to work and play together.

  • Collaborate with parents and family members to provide programming tailored to the needs of each individual child.

  • Create an atmosphere where staff, parents, and other caregivers are partners who work together to help kids grow up healthy; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  • Utilize personalized curriculum that supports activities that are child-centered.

  • Help broaden perspectives regarding culture and humanity through service opportunities and workshops directed by teachers from around the world.

  • Follow the traditions and proven methodology of the Hwa Rang Do way by leading, serving, and protecting the health and welfare of every child who walks through our doors.